Data may be lost for any reason; it may be lost viruses, disaster, human error, faulty hardware or software. We provide all kinds of data recovery services. Some of these services are discussed below.

Hard drive recovery services


If your hard drive crashes or having some problem and you are unable to access your important data, then we can be of help.Our hard drive data recovery services can recover data from various causes of data loss including mechanical hard drive failures, deleted files, disk reformatting, file overwrites, physical damage from flood or fire, etc.

USB, flash and portable media recovery services


We often store data on an external USB drive, SD card, etc. These data may also get lost due to various reasons. We can retrieve data from USB thumb-drives and keys, SB hard drives, digital camera media, optical disks, DVDs, and other kinds of removable storage devices.

Data forensics and computer investigation services


We provide data forensics and computer investigation services to law enforcement agencies, human resources department of many companies and forensic consulting firms. We can collect evidence from computer systems and identify hidden, deleted or accidentally damaged data. This service has become very popular now due to the rise of ‘white collar’ criminal activity dependent on computer technology. Our forensic expertise can help our clients in gathering evidence.

RAID data recovery services


If your enterprise storage system fails, then your business will be in trouble. We can help you get out of this critical situation by getting back your data quickly so that you can maintain your normal business operations.

SAN recovery


A storage area network (SAN) is an architecture that joins remote computer storage devices like take libraries, disk arrays, etc. to servers in such a way that an operating system assumes that these are locally attached. SAN architecture allows shared storage facility. As it involves many components, a problem in one component can damage the entire system. We can help you recover data from your SAN environment.

If you are encountering any such problem mentioned above, you can contact us. Our expert team will solve any kind of problems related to data recovery.